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Chilled beams
– a responsible choice to reduce energy bills

Concerned about your energy costs? Chilled beams can be suspended from any ceiling or directly integrated during construction, saving an average of 30% of cooling energy. The set up costs and life maintenance costs of REHAU chilled ceiling systems are both low, meaning that your business will save faster than with some other energy conservation installations.

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Why are chilled beams so efficient?

Chilled ceilings use radiant cooling, which targets people rather than air and therefore doesn’t need extreme temperatures to be effective. Usually exposed, ceilings present a large surface area as well, which boosts their efficiency. Besides, chilled beams in a REHAU chilled ceiling system use cold water to change the ambient temperature, rather than cold air, and it takes less energy to pump water than air.

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Advantages over air conditioning

Chilled ceilings and air conditioning are ultimately trying to achieve the same things, but chilled ceilings are much healthier for your staff. Because there’s no artificial air circulation, infections won’t spread as easily through your workforce, which will keep them productive. It’s quieter too, with additional acoustic dampening, and there’s no bothersome draught.

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Operating across the UK

From our base in Swansea, we can carry out project in Wales and the UK. We’ll travel great distances to help you save energy; wherever you are in the UK, please do get in touch.

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  •  Certified and accredited

    Proud to serve

    Certified and accredited

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