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Leaky roof

Protect your premises
with state-of-the-art leak detection

Water leaks in an empty building can be devastating; a Friday evening leak can cause thousands of pounds worth of damage by the time it’s discovered come Monday morning. But with a modern leak detection system, your caretakers can be alerted the moment a leak is found, taking action before it gets out of hand.

Burst water main

Detecting the leak early

There are several different techniques for detecting leaks, and we can advise you which one might be best for your property. Early detection is so important; an investment now can save you a great deal in lost stock, damaged assets, downtime for repairs and health issues for staff and clients.

Leak detection man

Locating the leak precisely

Naturally, once you know there’s a leak, the most important thing is finding it so that it can be fixed. Our sophisticated leak detection systems can pinpoint even a 0.5mm leak. It’s all done with non-invasive technologies, so your building will not suffer any unnecessary damage.

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Operating across the UK

From our base in Swansea, we can carry out any project in Wales and the UK. We’ll travel great distances to help you save energy; wherever you are in the UK, please do get in touch.

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Certified and accredited

  •  Certified and accredited

    Proud to serve

    Certified and accredited

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