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Reduce energy costs
and comply with legislation with TABS

A REHAU TABS system (Thermally Activated Building Slabs) is a fantastic solution to rising energy costs and stringent legislation. Cheaper than panel systems, TABS provides radiant heating and cooling, which is more efficient than conventional heating. On average, users save 30% on their energy bills, as well as saving on set up and maintenance.

Underfloor heating panels

Why TABS is so effective

A Thermally Activated Building Slab is a section of concrete floor, wall or ceiling that has pipes set into it which carry warm or cool water. Because of the large surface area, the water temperature doesn’t have to be extreme to create a comfortable environment. And since it doesn’t take as much energy to pump water as air, your energy costs are slashed.

Underfloor heating panels

Flexible installations

Any REHAU TABS project begins with careful design consideration of your premises’ needs. If you’re using it for heating, the floor is often the best place for it. For cooling, ceilings tend to work better, although for premises that get a lot of warmth from sun penetration, a floor TABS can be more effective. TABS can arrive as pre-cast concrete, or as pre-fabricated modules made to your building design. For a building with truly unique geometry, the best option may be to have it installed from scratch on site.

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Operating across the UK

From our base in Swansea, we can carry out any project in Wales and the UK. We’ll travel great distances to help you save energy; wherever you are in the UK, please do get in touch.

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Certified and accredited

  •  Certified and accredited

    Proud to serve

    Certified and accredited

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