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Reduce energy costs
and carbon output with underfloor heating

A REHAU underfloor heating system is a highly energy-efficient method of warming commercial spaces. We can install electric or hydronic underfloor heating, tailoring the installation to suit the size and shape of every room. Out of sight, underfloor heating also gives more space and freedom to decorate to suit your brand.

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Underfloor heating is just one method of radiant heating, which is far more efficient than convection heating from conventional radiators. Radiant heat works on people directly, rather than heating up the air, so it doesn’t need temperatures to be so high to be effective. Because of the huge surface area, you also get a much more even distribution of heat.

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Better atmospheric conditions

In commercial spaces heated by convection heating or air conditioning, the processed air takes on less-than-ideal qualities. Radiant heating from underfloor heating results in healthier humidity levels. The reduced air circulation also reduces the risk of contagions spreading, which means that your staff should stay healthier and more productive overall.

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  • One stop shop for energy services
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Operating across the UK

From our base in Swansea, we can carry out any project in Wales and the UK. We’ll travel great distances to help you save energy; wherever you are in the UK, please do get in touch.

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Certified and accredited

  •  Certified and accredited

    Proud to serve

    Certified and accredited

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