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Ventilation shaft

Light and air your
your premises with natural ventilation

A Passivent natural ventilation system is a green energy solution to lighting dark internal spaces and circulating fresh air with minimal energy expenditure. These great systems will crash your energy costs, as well as dramatically improving your carbon footprint and the quality of life of your workforce.

Window open

Air flow and acoustic attenuators

Natural ventilation is designed to work with little or no energy input, instead using naturally-occurring wind power to extract moisture and odours, reduce health risks and provide free cooling in the summer. As air flow of any kind can be noisy, we’ll fit acoustic attenuators in your Passivent natural ventilation system to silence it.

Passivent sun scoops

Capture sunlight with Passivent sun scoops

As commercial buildings are typically very large, vast areas are usually hidden away from natural light. Passivent sun scoops are a perfect alternative to conventional electric lighting, piercing through multiple floors to deliver free daylight to dark rooms. Why pay for inferior electric lighting when, for a one off cost now, you can enjoy the real thing for free forever?

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  • One stop shop for energy services
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Operating across the UK

From our base in Swansea, we can carry out any project in Wales and the UK. We’ll travel great distances to help you save energy; wherever you are in the UK, please do get in touch.

Proud to serve


Certified and accredited

  •  Certified and accredited

    Proud to serve

    Certified and accredited

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